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Davie and Tre at Welding Shop of Crossland High
Temple Hills, MD

While fabricating trailers and repairing stress cracks on race cars, Davie would tell his welding partner Tre about visions of building a brewery - a "Cheers" type of bar - where neighbors could commune and get to know each other. After high school Davie continued honing his brewing while working for the federal government.  He knew he had something special once family members requested his beers at functions over their lifelong go-to beverages. Fast forward, Davie now living in Waldorf, MD and with roughly $16,000 in his 401k, and the help of many others started the very first brewery of Charles County, Maryland since prohibition! Even better, locals no longer had to drive 25+ miles to find a craft brewery. Named after the river that Davie fondly remembers fishing on with his dad (Patuxent), we actively sought out the public and decision-makers as stakeholders while selling our beer at the local farmers markets.
In August of 2019, Patuxent Brewing officially opened its taproom to the community, tourists, and those taking a break from the 301/210/95 traffic. We boast loads of flavors and styles, but our best seller is our commitment to service and ingenuity. What we can't afford - we build ourselves. If someone wants to learn a trade or how to brew - we'll teach them. If our sisters, mothers, fathers, or brothers are in need - we are there to aid however we can. Since opening, Patuxent Brewing we have participated in raising money for numerous organizations, partnered with the US Marine's Toys for Tots drive, and featured over 30 vendors (free of charge) on-site.  
Now, with a team of three (Davie, Gene and Kevin), we have put the DMV on the map, while inspiring Black youths and many others to dream big - then execute! 

It all began with a man and a dream. From the concept of Patuxent Brewing - to what he has established today - through community support, friendships, and family! Check out video snippets and photos showing the progression of Davie Feaster's vision and the awesome PBC fans who make us a better brewery every day! 

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